Blackburn, 14 March 2024

The Toyota Yaris is ranked as the most reliable used car from the 2024 report (using data from 2020-23) according to the latest figures released in Warrantywise’s annual Reliability Index today.

Warrantywise, the UK’s leading used car warranty provider, today reveals the results from its highly anticipated annual Reliability Index as it declares the Toyota Yaris as the most reliable used car in the UK. Now on its fourth generation, having first been released in 1999, the Toyota Yaris proves to be the most reliable used car in Warrantywise’s 2024 report (using data from 2020 – 2023), securing the top spot with minimal repair costs and maximum reliability, scoring an impressive 89.0/100*.

Recognised for its consistent performance and reliability, the Toyota Yaris earns its place at the top of this year’s Index for reliability and durability, reflecting Toyota’s longstanding commitment to rigorous manufacturing quality control measures. With an average repair request amount (cost recorded between 1 January 2020 and 30 September 2023**) of £604.50, the model’s widespread popularity also means there is a wealth of available information.

With Toyota appearing four times in the top ten league table, as the Auris, Aygo and Hilux all feature within the most reliable models from the Reliability Index, the Japanese car manufacturer further establishes itself as a company renowned for its build quality, engineering reliability, and durability.

In an era marked by a steady rise in the cost of living, consumers are increasingly feeling the pinch, and with maintenance costs soaring to unprecedented heights, the importance of safeguarding a vehicle through a reliable used car warranty has never been more evident. Navigating through these economically challenging times, unexpected repair expenses can throw a wrench into even the most carefully managed budgets. Warrantywise’s Reliability Index is considered a trust mark for consumers seeking insight into the most dependable vehicles on the market.

The latest edition, which uses data from 2020-23, showcases the top ten cars that have excelled in reliability, setting new standards for performance and cost-effectiveness. Based on precise and quantifiable data, the top ten is a diverse mix of models, with the Suzuki Swift placing second with a score of 87.8/100, and the Mazda Mazda2 and Toyota Auris securing joint third spot with an overall score of 85.9/100. Toyota strikes again for joint fifth as the Aygo and the Hilux tie with a score of 85.3/100. The Kia Cee’d with its 84.6/100 score places seventh and the Honda CR-V and Peugeot 107 come in joint eighth with an overall score of 83.4/100. Finally, the Kia Rio is tenth with a score of 82.1/100.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise said: “At Warrantywise, we are dedicated to providing our consumers with valuable insights about their vehicles. We recognise the importance of making wise choices, particularly in light of the rising cost of repair, and also that even the most reliable car is vulnerable to faults. Whether you buy a Toyota Yaris or a Honda CR-V, protecting your car with an extended warranty is one of the most reliable ways to confidently drive a used car without fear of big breakdown bills.”