TOYOTA CITY, JAPAN (APRIL 17, 2024) – Toyota Motor Corporation today unveiled its latest global marketing initiative, “Start Your Impossible,” in anticipation of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024. This campaign celebrates the collective spirit and support of local communities that empower athletes worldwide and reinforces Toyota’s commitment to shared journeys and accomplishments.

“Start Your Impossible” brings to the forefront the stories of extraordinary Olympic and Paralympic athletes, as well as the unsung heroes of their success—their coaches, teammates, families, and supporters. The campaign underscores the significance of one’s roots and community support in reaching monumental achievements.

The campaign features a series of heartfelt commercials:

“Send Off” captures the community’s role in boosting athletes’ morale as they embark on their journey to Paris 2024.

“Together Wins” illustrates the collective effort required to achieve greatness.

“Love Conquers All” tells the moving story of U.S. Olympic BMX cyclist Alise Willoughby and her coach and husband, Sam, highlighting the transformative power of love and community backing during adversity.

“Think Fast” portrays French Olympic Handball player Nikola Karabatić overcoming challenges with impromptu advice from local supporters.

“Keep Marissa Running” follows Canadian Paralympic athlete Marissa Papaconstantinou from her Canadian hometown to the Paris 2024 Games, with her community’s encouragement echoing in every step.

“All For One” reinforces the idea of unstoppable momentum when backed by community support.

This comprehensive campaign features over 20 distinguished Olympic and Paralympic athletes and utilizes various media outlets, including TV commercials of varying lengths, digital videos, online content, social media, outdoor, and programmatic advertisements.

Emphasizing respect for diverse cultures and the vital role of communities, “Start Your Impossible” was developed through a significant global collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi (Los Angeles and Dallas) and Dentsu (Tokyo).

With the 2024 campaign, Toyota aims to spark a global recognition of the limitless potential that communities can awaken within their members, inspiring athletes and non-athletes alike.