Johannesburg, South Africa – Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) today announced the winners of the 16th annual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest at a prize-giving event held at head office in Sandton. Earlier this year, TSAM invited children up to the age of 15 years to submit drawings of their most creative mobility solutions of the future. The competition was divided into three age categories: Under 8s, 8 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years.

“After a hiatus in 2022, and two years of hosting the awards ceremony remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was great to invite the Dream Car finalists to Toyota again and see the pride of the winners next to their respective works of art,” said Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TSAM.

Yusuf Adam’s “Toyota Eco-Cruiser” claimed the top spot in the 8- to 11-year-old category. It is a flying car that is powered by solar energy and wind turbines and was designed to combat the world’s environmental challenges. Yusuf says it also cleans the oceans, protects animals from poachers and gives light and energy to cities.

Lorenzo Ramsamy, the winner in the 13 to 15 years group, says his artwork, the “Toyota Fly Higher”, was inspired by a dream to have a car that can fly and be used every day. Not only is it eco-friendly but he hopes his creation will influence people to go out on an adventure and see the world.

The first prize in the Under 8 category went to Kimberley Aravasundrayen for another car that can function as both a road car and aircraft, the “Toyota Fly Car”. She says it flies at high speed, is a convertible, and even has musical instruments on board for its occupants.

The competition, which attracted more than 14 500 entries, also recognised four runners-up in each category and ensured they did not come away empty-handed.

The prizes across all three categories:

5th place winners receive a gift voucher to the value of R2 000.

4th Place winners receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

3rd place winners receive an HP Notebook.

2nd place winners will receive an Xbox series.

1st place winners receive a PS5 Gaming console worth R15 000.

An additional element to the Dream Car competition awards cash prizes to the schools that collected the most entries. More than 225 schools entered across Southern Africa and the top three performers were Cresslawn Primary School with 516 (1st prize – R15 000), Benoni Junior School with 350 (2nd prize – R10 000) and Tyburn Primary School – 339 (3rd prize – R5 000).

“Toyota South Africa Motors would like to thank all the children who participated in the Dream Car Art Contest and congratulates everyone on their achievements. We hope that the prizes will go a long way in uplifting all the winners and we encourage all children to continue dreaming,” concludes Crompton.

Final placings for the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest can be found below:

CATEGORY 1: Under 8 years

5th Place is Kelsey Koosihal (6)
This slushy power dream car is a Toyota that is powered by Kelsey’s favourite drink … a slushy. Kelsey would like to travel the galaxy on slushies.

4th Place is Mia Tait (6)
Under-the-sea themed car – which shows us living in a submarine under the sea in the perfect world.

3rd Place is Riley Adams (6)
Underwater sea cleaner – it cleans up all the pollution in the sea.

2nd Place is Ezrin Carney (6)
The Flying sucker – it sucks up pollution in the sea and on land.

1st Place Kimberley Aravasundrayen
This dream Toyota Fly car is convertible. It flies, which means no need to use an airplane. It’s high speed and extra ordinary. It comes with musical instruments.

CATEGORY 2: 8 – 11 Years

5th Place is Abdul Kanamugire (10)
Abdul’s dream car is called VacMobeel. It’s a car that vacuums dirt around cities, helping reduce dirt on earth. This car is going to keep the city clean.

4th Place is Kacey Dirks (9)
My Toyota Air Car – Kacey hates how long it takes to get to school in the morning because of traffic, now this flying car is going to be a solution!

3rd Place is Annabella Govender (9)
My Toyota Coral, an eco-friendly solar-powered car, is designed to travel beneath the sea­­ and help clean the sea from pollution. It also has a function that can change its colour like a fish to be friendly with ocean life.

2nd Place is Sarvesh Moopanar (11)
The Future of Toyota – this car will be powered by carbon dioxide and will release oxygen into the air which will lead to a healthier world for all living things on our planet.

1st Place is Yusuf Adam (10)
This Toyota Eco-Cruiser is a flying car that operates on solar energy and wind-turbines. It is designed to combat environmental challenges. It cleans the oceans, protects animals from poachers and gives light and energy to cities.

CATEGORY 3: 12 – 15 Years

5th Place is Keren Kikasu (13)
The extraordinary vehicle – Keren would like to see real solar-powered fire flying vehicle that could fly into space and stop asteroids from destroying our universe.

4th Place is Diteboho Mathaha (13)
This edition of the Supra is powered by a V12 engine which sends it into space in 10 seconds. The smoke created from drifting will be good gas and makes anyone who breathes it a good person.

3rd Place is Morné van Zyl (12)
This dream car represents the blasting, vibrant scenes/pictures in one’s dream. I would love to carry in this “banana” car, different biomes and places in the world.

2nd Place is Khanyi Buthelezi (14)
Zelo the race car – Girls dream big, if you want to race cars – do it! Don’t limit yourself. In my dream world, everyone will be able to drive their dream cars and be part of the racing community if they want.

1st Place is Lorenzo Ramsamy (13)
Toyota Fly Higher – Lorenzo’s dream is to have a flying car and the car can be an every-day car. This should influence people to go out more on an adventure by flying around the world.