With the kickoff of its “Start Your Impossible” campaign in November 2017, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) put the world on notice that it had evolved from being an automotive company to being a mobility company. The organisation’s products would continue to include cars but the scope would be broadened to comprise a variety of mobility solutions that enable human motion in ways that go well beyond driving down the road.

For example, TMC’s concept of “Mobility for All” is all about introducing transportation solutions, next generation mobility and advanced technologies. This is where KINTO comes in. As society shifts from conventional car ownership to car usage, there is a growing need for a service that allows customers to freely select the Toyota or Lexus that they want to drive and enjoy it as they like, without being tied down to a conventional financing model.

To this end, Toyota has launched KINTO, a single brand for mobility solutions around the world. KINTO originates from the word KINTO-un, a Japanese word meaning “Flying Nimbus” – a cloud that magically appears, no matter where you are or what time it is and takes you wherever you want to go. This is part of Toyota’s global vision to evolve from vehicle manufacturing into a mobility company by providing all kinds of services related to getting people moving.

Toyota South Africa is also pleased to usher in KINTO – a revolutionary new pay-for-use mobility solution that makes driving a new Toyota Vitz, not just hassle free, but more affordable too. In more ways than one, this compact newcomer really does live up to its marketing tagline – Vitz for Victory – proving that sometimes big things do indeed come in small packages.

Initially KINTO SA will debut with KINTO ONE, a pay-for-use service available through all Toyota and Lexus dealers that offers the following:

The ability to drive a Toyota or Lexus of your choice (with accessories of your choice) including financing and depreciation costs.
All scheduled services and maintenance included as well as warranty items for the contract period.
Connected Car (Wi-Fi and Telematics).
Stolen vehicle recovery unit and service.
Initial license and registration.
KINTO Protect Limited Liability waiver, offering peace of mind in the unfortunate event of an accident or theft.
“With the launch of the Vitz in May 2023 and as part of Toyota’s global vision to evolve from vehicle manufacturing into a mobility company providing all kinds of services related to mobility around the world, we are excited to announce the new KINTO Vitz special offering to support sales effective 1st June 2023,” says Slade Thompson, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at KINTO SA.

So, how much (or in this instance, how little) will it cost to get behind the wheel of a new Vitz? The special, limited introductory offer is R2 999 per month for 12 months (18 000km) on a Toyota Vitz 1.O MT.

In a nutshell then, KINTO ONE is the ultimate mobility solution, combining the use of the vehicle, service and maintenance, in one monthly transparent payment with no additional hidden fees when you return the vehicle at the end of the contract. KINTO ONE is also completely flexible, meaning that the monthly mileage and contract period can be amended at any point during the contract. (KINTO SA will roll out other mobility product services in line with market requirements.)